Silyue's Commissions

Please read before commissioning

Terms of service

- All commissions are for personal (non-commercial/non-profit) use only unless further discussed
- No commercial commission reservations will be accepted if client has not discussed with me ahead of time/before claiming a slot
- Any prior concerns regarding commercial use please contact me ASAP before the commissions open! Discussion must be complete before claiming a slot.
- Please credit me for my work, do NOT claim as your own
- Do not redistribute the non-watermarked artwork through public platforms
- Do not use/upload/sample my artwork for AI Generated Art OR NFT
- Do not trace over, redraw, modify or edit my art without permission
- Do not reproduce the art on other mediums unless discussed (ie: merchandise, canvas print etc)
- All listed prices and payments must be made in USD (United States Currency) via Wise/Paypal
- Do not pay until I have sent your invoice
- Pay invoice within 24 hours of receiving or your commission request will be voided
- Commission will not progress until payment is received
- NO refunds allowed unless I fail to complete your commissioned piece.
- Partial refund will be offered for incomplete commission pieces based on degree of completion.
- Commission prices are subject to change over time. Refund will be based on the price listed at the point of payment.
- I retain the rights to redistribute, modify and repurpose commissioned artworks and their process through means of portfolio, artbook/merchandise, online classes and streams.
Acknowledgement of the commissioner will be addressed where appropriate. Please contact me if you have specific requests regarding the publishing of the commission and all derivative pieces of such.
- I reserve the right to decline a commission request regardless of reason.
- I will not accept commission requests without a complete visual reference of the character.
Standard maximum turnaround times are 3 months
If it's not complete by then, a check-in and WIP will be provided at this period.
- Commission delivery may be subject to delays due to unforeseen circumstances.
Announcements will be made if such delays occur, and each client will be contacted of such.
The complexity of each commission type will also affect their delivery times.
If you'd like your commission received by a certain date, please discuss this with me before confirming your commission.

Process & revisions

Unless stated in the commission type, all commissions will follow this approval process.
Please be sure to provide feedback during these stages to avoid disappointment.
1A) Rough sketch (expression, pose, composition etc)
1B) Revised rough sketch approval
2A) Cleaned-sketch (and possible flats)
Degree of process with check-in for this stage may vary depending on type.
Please point out important finer details now before the final render
2B) Progress/process approval
3A) Touch-ups (minor adjustments to overall colour, contrast, effects)
3B) Delivery of files, and additional variations as discussed in 3A.
- Any additional edits requested after the completion of each stage will incur an additional fee.
- No edits will be allowed at all after you have received your piece and given final approval.
Any requests for revisions after this will be declined.
- All commissions are subject to my stylistic interpretation, the exact colours used may deviate from the original reference.
Requests of such will not be revised unless important notes on colours are specifically requested at the beginning of the commission.
- All commissions styles are subject to change over time, they may slightly vary from examples and also reinterpreted to better fit your character.
Revisions to edit such or visually replicate previous art will be denied.
- All commissions may vary slightly in their final dimensions and crop. Please bring to my attention if you require it to be of a certain pixel dimension.
- Please provide a concise summary of your character's key features that you'd like me to pay attention to if you have specific requests.

By commissioning, you agree to the terms of service.These terms of service may be subject to change overtime
Please read over before applying for each new commission
Last Revision: 23rd Mar 2024